Current research projects

Bayesian inverse problems beyond the Gaussian case

Estimation of model parameters with observed data is an essential part of mathematical modeling and scientific computing. However, parameter estimation poses many fundamental and computational challenges... read more

Advanced numerical methods for stochastic partial differential equations

Partial Differential equations are used to model problems in many applications, e.g. in porous media fluid dynamics. To model heterogeneities in the underlying porous media the equations can contain random fields as coefficients... read more

Uncertainty Quantification with discontinuous random fields

To model phenomena in the natural sciences and/or financial markets, oftentimes (partial) differential equations are utilized.The underlying dynamical system may be subject to uncertainty, for instance parameter and domain uncertainty or... read more

Uncertain hyperbolic problems and their approximation

Nowadays due to increasing computational resources and scientific progress, it is possible to take also uncertain knowledge into consideration. This project focuses on computational aspects of uncertainty quantification for... read more


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