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Oberseminar IANS

27.10.2022   Muhammad Hassan, Ph.D., (Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions)

“Modified-operator method for the calculation of band diagrams of crystalline materials”


03.11.2022   Louis Garrigue, Ph.D. (Universität Stuttgart)

„The Kohn-Sham inverse potential in DFT“


17.11.2022   Michele Nottoli, Ph.D., (Universität Stuttgart)

„Multiscale models for computational chemistry"


24.11.2022   Lambert Theisen, M.Sc., (Universität Stuttgart)

„A Two-Level Domain Decomposition Method for Periodic Schrödinger Eigenstates in Anisotropically Expanding Domains”


01.12.2022   Paul Brehmer, B.Sc., (RWTH Aachen, Physik)

„Reduced Basis Modeling of Quantum Spin Systems based on the Density Matrix Renormalization Group“


08.12.2022   Abhinav Jha, Dr., (Universität Stuttgart)

„Overview of the Domain Decomposition Method for the Linear Poisson Boltzmann Equations“


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