Multi-phase flow in Porous Media

In these projects we investigate the influence of phase interfaces on flow through porous media and fractures.

We thank the German Research Foundation (DFG) for funding this work within SFB1313, Research Projects A03, B03, C02.

Flow, transport and deformation in porous media are encountered in many applications, for example CO2-storage in geological formations, soil contamination and remediation, gas and water transport in fuel cells. In these processes the porous media system depends on the character, geometry and dynamics of fluid-fluid and fluid-solid interfaces that occur at the scale of pores.

In our projects we investigate the influence of these phase interfaces on chemical reactions that change the pore structure, fracture propagation through porous media, and the coupling of free flow with porous media flow. We use the theory of Homogenization for the derivation of macroscopic equations.

Highlights of our current research

This image shows Samuel Burbulla

Samuel Burbulla

M. Sc.

Research assistant

This image shows Elissa Eggenweiler

Elissa Eggenweiler

Dr. rer. nat.

Research assistant

This image shows Lars von Wolff

Lars von Wolff

M. Sc.

Research assistant

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