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Samuel Burbulla

M. Sc.

Research assistant
Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation
Chair of Applied Mathematics


Pfaffenwaldring 57
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 7.126

  1. 2023

    1. S. Burbulla, M. Hörl, and C. Rohde, “Flow in Porous Media with Fractures of Varying Aperture,” Accepted by SIAM J. Sci. Comput, 2023, [Online]. Available:
    2. S. Burbulla, L. Formaggia, C. Rohde, and A. Scotti, “Modeling fracture propagation in poro-elastic media combining phase-field and discrete fracture models,” Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., vol. 403, 2023, doi:
  2. 2022

    1. S. Burbulla and C. Rohde, “A finite-volume moving-mesh method for two-phase flow in fracturing porous media,” Journal of Computational Physics, p. 111031, 2022, doi:
    2. S. Burbulla, A. Dedner, M. Hörl, and C. Rohde, “Dune-MMesh: The Dune Grid Module for Moving Interfaces,” J. Open Source Softw., vol. 7, no. 74, Art. no. 74, 2022, doi: 10.21105/joss.03959.
  3. 2020

    1. T. Koch et al., “DuMux 3 – an open-source simulator for solving flow and transport problems in porous media with a focus on model coupling,” Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 2020, doi:
    2. S. Burbulla and C. Rohde, “A fully conforming finite volume approach to two-phase flow in fractured porous media,” in Finite Volumes for Complex Applications IX - Methods, Theoretical Aspects, Examples, Cham, 2020, pp. 547–555. doi:
    3. J. T. Gerstenberger, S. Burbulla, and D. Kröner, “Discontinuous Galerkin method for incompressible two-phase flows,” Submitted to: Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, 2020.
    4. I. Berre et al., “Verification benchmarks for single-phase flow in three-dimensional fractured porous media.” 2020.
Since 2018

Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation, University of Stuttgart

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Christian Rohde

2016 - 2018

Master of Science in Mathematics, University of Freiburg

Thesis: "Transport einer Zweiphasenströmung mit einer scharfen Grenzschicht in drei Dimensionen."
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kröner

2016 - 2018

Graduate Assistant at the Institute of Mathematics, Departement of Applied Mathematics, University of Freiburg

2012 - 2016

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, University of Freiburg, Germany

Project participant in Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1313 "Interface-Driven Multi-Field Processes in Porous Media – Flow, Transport and Deformation'', German Research Foundation (DFG), Project B03 "Heterogeneous multi-scale methods for two-phase flow in dynamically fracturing porous media", 2018-2021.

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