Numerical Mathematics

Welcome to the Homepage of the Research Group of Prof. Dr. B. Haasdonk:

We investigate and develop efficient and certified surrogate modelling techniques.

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In particular we are working on

Reduced basis methods for parametric problems.

Data-based modelling for high-dimensional function approximation, data-analysis, machine learning

Parameter optimization, feedback control, inverse Problems

RBmatlab, KerMor, dune-rb, JaRMoS, CCMOR etc.

(most recent ones) Flow and transport-problems, porous media, heterogeneous domain decomposition problems, biomechanics, elastic multibody systems, soft-tissue-robotics, pervasive computing

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This image shows Bernard Haasdonk

Bernard Haasdonk

Prof. Dr.

Head of Group Numerical Mathematics
Dean of Studies (B.Sc./M.Sc. Mathematik)

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Brit Steiner


Secretary's Office IANS NMH and NM

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