Research projects, softwares in our group



RBmatlab is a MATLAB library containing all our reduced simulation approaches for linear and nonlinear, affine or arbitrarily parameter dependent evolution problems with finite element, finite volume or local discontinuous Galerkin discretizations.

KerMor is a MATLAB© library providing routines for model order reduction of dynamical systems using subspace projection and kernels methods.

JaRMoS stands for "Java Reduced Model Simulations" and aims to enable import and simulation of various reduced models from multiple sources on any java-capable platform.

dunr-rb is a software for Model Order Reduction Using the DUNE Framework

 KerMet-Tools toolbox provides routines for pattern analysis with kernel methods.


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Prof. Dr.

Bernard Haasdonk

Head of Group
Dean of Studies (Studiendekan B.Sc./M.Sc. Mathematik)