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Gabriele Santin


Research assistant (former employee until 09/2019)
Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation
Working Group Numerical Mathematics


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I work in the field of kernel-based approximation methods.
My current interest is in greedy algorithms for scalar and vectorial data, with applications to surrogate models.

  1. 2021

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  3. 2018

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  4. 2017

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  5. 2016

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  6. 2015

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  7. 2014

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  8. 2013

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  9. 2011

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  12. 2004

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  • VKOGA validation and selection by log-marginal likelihood, SimTech Projektarbeit
  • Inverse Radon Transformation mit Multiskalen-Kernen, MSc in Mathematics.
  • Kernel Methods for Accelerating Implicit Integrators, BSc in Simulation Technology.
  • Interpolation mit Multiskalen-Kernen, BSc in Mathematics.
  • A comparison of some RBF interpolation methods: theory and numerics, MSc in Mathematics (at University of Padova).
  • Kernel-based medical image reconstruction from Radon data, MSc in Mathematics (at University of Padova).
26.9.2017 Greedy kernel methods for accelerating implicit integrators for parametric ODEs,


13.9.2016 Non-symmetric kernel-based approximation,

DWCAA 2016

30.3.2016 Greedy Kernel Interpolation Surrogate Modeling (Poster),

MORML 2016

6-10.7.2015 RBF approximation of large datasets by partition of unity and local stabilization,


25.9.2014 Approximation in kernel based spaces,


30.6 - 4.7.2014 Bases for Radial Basis Function Approximation,

First Joint International Meeting RSME-SCM-SEMA-SIMAI-UMI

29-30.11.2013 A fast algorithm for computing a truncated orthonormal basis for RBF native spaces,

Multivariate Approximation

21-22.10.2013 Some tools for fast and stable Radial Basis Function approximation with Scilab,

International CAE Conference

21-22.10.2013 Kernel methods for Radon transform (Poster),

International CAE Conference

8-13.9.2013 WSVD basis for RBF and Krylov subspaces (Poster),


5-9.8.2013 A orthonormal basis for Radial Basis Function approximation ,

Isaac 9th Congress

9-15.6.2013 A fast algorithm for computing a truncated orthonormal basis for RBF native spaces ,


9-14.9.2012 A new stable basis for RBF approximation (Poster),


2016 P-greedy:implementation of the P-greedy algorithm (MATLAB).

2015 EigenApprox:Approximation of eigenfunctions in kernel based spaces (MATLAB).

2015 KBMIR:Kernel based medical image reconstruction (MATLAB).
2014 WSVD and FCoOB:RBF Approximation with WSVD-Basis and Fast WSVD-Basis (MATLAB).
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