Ilja Kröker

Research Assistant
Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation
Research Group Computational Methods for Uncertainty Quantification


+49 711 685-65537

Allmandring 5b
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 0.060

  1. 2017

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    2. M. Köppel, I. Kröker, and C. Rohde, “Intrusive Uncertainty Quantification for Hyperbolic-Elliptic Systems  Governing Two-Phase Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Media,” Comput. Geosci., vol. 21, pp. 807–832, 2017.
  2. 2016

    1. A. Barth and I. Kröker, “Finite volume methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations  with spatial noise,” in Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics, vol. submitted, Springer International Publishing, 2016.
  3. 2015

    1. I. Kröker, W. Nowak, and C. Rohde, “A stochastically and spatially adaptive parallel scheme for uncertain  and nonlinear two-phase flow problems,” Comput. Geosci., vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 269--284, 2015.
  4. 2013

    1. I. Kröker, “Stochastic models for nonlinear convection-dominated flows,” PhD dissertation, Universität Stuttgart, 2013.
  5. 2011

    1. R. Bürger, I. Kröker, and C. Rohde, “Uncertainty quantification for a clarifier-thickener model with random  feed,” in Finite volumes for complex applications. VI. Problems & perspectives. Volume 1, 2, vol. 4, Springer, 2011, pp. 195--203.
  6. 2008

    1. I. Kröker, “Finite volume methods for conservation laws with noise,” in Finite volumes for complex applications V, ISTE, London, 2008, pp. 527--534.