MOANSI 2023 in Stuttgart

December 11, 2023 /

Annual GAMM-specialist-committee-Meeting

On November 16/17, 2023, the annual meeting of the GAMM activity group "MOANSI" (Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Molecular Systems) took place at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Stuttgart. The annual meeting was organized by the Chair of Numerical Mathematics for High Performance Computing of Benjamin Stamm, who is also the head of the activity group. 

Around 30 participants made the journey from Germany, France and Switzerland to Stuttgart. Tatjana Stykel and Johannes Kästner gave presentations on the topics "Riemannian optimization methods for Kohn-Sham-type energy minimization problems" and "Instanton Theory to Describe Atom Tunneling in Chemical Reactions" respectively. As usual, the event was characterized by the participation of young researchers and had an interdisciplinary focus.

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