April 18, 2019 / Sylvia Zur

IMA prize

Elissa Eggenweiler was awarded the prize at the University of Oxford.

Elissa Eggenweiler (PhD student, IANS) was awarded an IMA prize for extraordinary results and best team performance during the UK Graduate Modelling Camp at the University of Oxford. She worked together with her project team on the vasculature reconstruction based on facial images using different image processing techniques.

The Graduate Modelling Camp is a 4-day workshop that aims to provide PhD students more experience of mathematical modelling, particulary in research topics which are not directly connected to the own research area. The problems to be considered during this workshop are inspired by real life problems that have arisen in industry or science.

The IMA prize was given to the group which was doing best in scientific communication, team work, mathematical modelling, presentation of results and justification of main ideas.

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