Multifield Problems in Image Analysis and Visualization

Image analysis and multifield data visualization methods


Dr. Steffen Frey and Dr. Andreas Langer

Time / Place

First Meeting: Fr 20.10.2017, 15:45 - 17:15, SimTech-building 0.009


Obtained measurements are typically not just represted by an individual field but rather by multiple fields. This data may be

  • time-dependent (information captured at different points in time),
  •   multi-variate (featuring different attributes like temperature or pressure),
  •  multi-modal (stemming from different sources like simulations or measurements),
  •  ensemble data (repeatedly generated with varied settings),
  •  and coupled (obtained via coupled models).

In order to present the scientific data, visualization is fundamental. If the observed data are images, then image analysis is used to extract certain properties.
In this seminar, we will discuss methods for visualization and image analysis of multifield data. Topics include visual mapping, interactive visual analysis, optical flow, variational techniques, machine learning, ... .


M. Sc., SimTech


Presentation, slides and participation in discussion

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