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Map and directions from Stuttgart Main Station

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Directions from Stuttgart Main Station

After arrival at the main station (Hauptbahnhof), the campus in Vaihingen can be reached in about 15 minutes by S-Bahn (follow the green S-sign) from track 101 every 5 or 10 minutes. The lines S1 (to Herrenberg), S2 (to Filderstadt), S3 (to Flughafen) are suitable. The stop to leave the train is "Universität". Note, that some of the trains end in "Schwabstrasse". If you take one of these, you have to get off there and continue with the next one of the above mentioned S1, S2, S3 with wider destinations.

If not already included in the train ticket, a ticket for 2 zones is required for the trip.

(Please note, that there is also a Campus in downtown, which can be reached by foot from the station, but that is not ours.)

After leaving the train, take the exit “Universitätszentrum” leading directly to the campus. Follow the signs to the "NWZ II" (Naturwissenschaftliches Zentrum II) building, one of two similar multistoried buildings. The mathematics department is located in the 7th and 8th floor.

The following link is an overview of the S-Bahn system:

SBahn Liniennetz

Directions from Airport

After leaving the boarding zone at the airport, head to terminal 1 and follow the green S-sign to reach the railway. You can then take the lines S2 (to Schorndorf) and S3 (to Backnang) to get to the university. The stop to leave the train is "Universität" (this is the first stop after entering the tunnel).

Please note, that a ticket for 2 zones is required for the trip.


Bernard Haasdonk
Prof. Dr.

Bernard Haasdonk

Head of Group Numerical Mathematics
Dean of Studies (B.Sc./M.Sc. Mathematik)

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Brit Steiner

Secretary's Office

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