List of preprints of the Research Group

A. Barth and A. Stein, "A Multilevel Monte Carlo Algorithm for Parabolic Advection-Diffusion Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients", 2019

A. Barth and A. Stein, "Numerical analysis for time-dependent advection-diffusion problems with random discontinuous coefficients", 2019

A. Barth and A. Stein, "Approximation and simulation of infinite-dimensional Lévy processes", 2018

M. Köppel and F. Franzelin and I. Kröker and S. Oladyshkin and G. Santin and D. Wittwar and A. Barth and B. Haasdonk and W. Nowak and D. Pflüger and C. Rohde, "Comparison of data-driven uncertainty quantification methods for a carbon dioxide storage benchmark scenario", 2018

A. Barth and I. Kröker, "Finite volume methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations with spatial noise", 2018

B. Maboudi Afkham and J. S. Hesthaven, "Structure-preserving model-reduction of dissipative Hamiltonian systems", 2018

B. Maboudi Afkham and N. Ripamonti and Q. Wang and J. S. Hesthaven, "Conservative Model Order Reduction for Fluid Flow", 2018

R. Bürger and I. Kröker, "Hybrid Stochastic Galerkin Finite Volumes for the Diffusively Corrected Lighthill-Whitham-Richards Traffic Model", 2017

B. Afkham and J. S. Hesthaven, "Structure Preserving Model Reduction of Parametric Hamiltonian Systems", 2017


Andrea Barth
Prof. Dr.

Andrea Barth

Head of Group

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