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Job Offer: PhD position "Model adaptation in compressible flows"

Job Offer: PhD position "Model adaptation in compressible flows"

22. März 2017

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is going to fund the project "Dynamical, spatially heterogeneous model adaptation in compressible fluid flows" of PD Dr. Jan Giesselmann.

The goal of the project is to devise and analyse numerical schemes for compressible flows of chemically reacting mixtures.
For such flows there exist different (hyperbolic) models of different levels of complexity. For example one model might include complex chemistry while another model assumes chemical equilibrium.

The idea is to construct a scheme which switches between different models on different parts of the computational domain in an automated way. The choice of model should be based on an a posteriori estimator for the difference between solutions to the different models whose derivation is going to be a key step in the project.

In the framework of this project we invite applications for a PhD student position (TVL E-13, 75%) [Link].