Release Date Version File
May 25, 2008 v5.1.1
February 24, 2008 v5.1.0
December 23, 2007 v5.0.0
October 24, 2007 v4.0.0
March 3, 2007 v3.5.1
July 25, 2006 v3.5.0
June 12, 2006 v3.2.0
January 30, 2006 v3.0.1beta


  1. Please uncompress the zip archive spinterp_<version>.zip to a directory of your choice. For instance, under Linux, the command unzip will uncompress version v3.0 of the toolbox to the folder spinterp_v3.0 in the current directory.
  2. From Matlab, please execute the m-file spinit to add the sparse grid subroutines to the Matlab search path.

Update notification

If you would like to be notified when a new version of the toolbox is released, please send an email with the subject "Sparse Grid Toolbox Update Notification" to:

Referencing the Sparse Grid Interpolation Toolbox

When referencing the toolbox in a publication, please cite the following:

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